About Michael W. Garone

Michael W. Garone serves as the founder and president of Atlanta-based Transactions Solutions, Inc. An outsourcer of its client’s financial transactions, the company earned a profit in its first year of operations of $5.4 million. Michael W. Garone holds two degrees in marketing, a bachelor of business administration and a master of business administration, both from Hofstra University.

Garone’s approximately 40 years of experience in the financial, technology, and communications industries began at Texas Instruments, where in his decade with the firm he held a number of key management positions. Following his time with Texas Instruments, Garone functioned in multiple executive roles, including as vice president of marketing and sales for National Data Corporation. There, he managed the repositioning of the company’s communications services.

Subsequently moving on to a position as executive vice president at Trendstar Corporation, Garone managed over 50 employees and oversaw the wireless corporation’s lobbying efforts. Furthermore, he achieved success during his time as executive vice president with TIMEX USA, Inc., where in his first 90 days Garone increased monthly sales from $150,000 to $4 million, a sharp rise that caused the company’s stock price to more than double. In recognition of his business leadership, Michael W. Garone was presented by the then-secretary of state with the Outstanding Georgia Citizen Award in 1992.


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